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Facilities and Amenities at Adagio

Two hot tubs(Ofuro) for private use, in addition to a bathtub in each guest room. For those who prefer larger Ofuro, there is a natural hot springs, Shikayamano-Yu in Tokyu Resort Town, only 3 minutes drive from Adagio. Guests at Adagio are given a special discount rate to Shikayamano-Yu.

No smoking is permitted in the public area, including the lounge and the dining room. Inside the building, smoking is permitted only inside the designated smoking guest rooms. If you are in the wrong room, please ask for a change of room. We will try to meet your request if such a room is available.

A small hill on the left side of the stream belongs to Adagio, so please feel free to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Chairs and tables are provided for your comfort.

Complimentary coffee and tea are available in the lounge.

Large American-sized bath towels and hand towels are provided in each guest room. If you forget to bring something, please ask for it.

Around Adagio and Tateshinay

● Hiking
If you want to stroll around Adagio, several trails are recommended. If you are interested in hiking to the top of the hill behind Adagio, it is an easy 1 to 1.5 hour hike to Yashigamine(1884m). Trail map will be provided. Your innkeeper, Mr. Matsuo, recently became an official guide in the Yatsugatake mountain area and he will be glad to provide guests with information about the nearby mountains.
● Galleries and Museums
There are several galleries and museums in Tateshina and vicinity. Adagio can provide information about these facilities to meet your specific interests and also help you toavoid tourist traps.
● Tokyu Resort Town
Please enjoy playing golf, tennis or ski at the nearby Tokyu Resort Town. Guest at Adagio are given a special discount rate to those facilities. Your innkeepers are glad to make reservation for our guests.
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